Meeting Notes

State Fair Arrangement Categories NON-MEMBER DIVISION AR1– 1920 ALL THAT JAZZ – designer’s choice JUNIOR DIVISION AR2 – 1939 Wizard of Oz – 80th Anniversary NOVICE DIVISION AR3 – 1940 ALLIES UNITE – using two containers AMATEUR DIVISION AR4 – 1950 ROCK AND ROLL – designer’s choice AMATEUR DIVISION AR5 – 1969 MOON LANDING – […]

Trophies of the Minnesota Dahlia Society

The Minnesota Dahlia Society (MDS) awards Perpetual Trophies to winners of MDS hosted shows. Perpetual Trophies are ‘traveling trophies’ which are awarded in addition to the trophies listed in the various classes. Winners of perpetual trophies retain possession of them during the ensuing year but must return them to the Society prior to the next show. […]